Row Pro Planters is a relatively new business started by David Holthaus. However, David is not new to planters or the planter market. He has been farming and working with planters since 1985. In 2003, David and his family began making food plot planters from larger commercial farm planters. This idea all started when he was looking for a 2 row planter to plant sweet corn in his garden. Unable to find one, he built one from an older 6 row planter. It worked great. It also drew a lot of attention. David discovered there was a need for such equipment and began a small business known as Ksfarms. Larger 8, 12, 16 row farm planters are taken apart and rebuilt into 1, 2, 3, and 4 row planters. Since that time, they have built and shipped hundreds of planters all over the country.
Taking a step in a new direction: Row Pro was introduced by Ksfarms to fit a unique clientel. In the past Ksfarms rebuilt used planters only. Trying to expand marketing opportunities, Ksfarms decided to manufacture brand new planters. This new line is called "Row Pro". The planters produced are the highest quality found on the market today. Many configurations and options are available. Ksfarms and Row Pro are committed to delivering the best possible to its customers