Dry Fertilizer Tank and Openers
Dry fertilizer tanks hold 550#.  One tank will feed 2 rows.  These are completely new tanks, augers, mounts, drive sprockets and chain.    We also offer as a kit to retrofit a planter you may already own.  Dry fertilizer option runs $1500
Dry fertilizer can be banded over the row while planting or the preferred method is to inject into the soil in a 2 by 2.  That is 2" off to the side of the seed and 2" deep.  We have a good supply of used double disc openers at a significant savings compared to new.

We can also mount row cleaners in front of the dry fertilizer openers to manage residue and clean seed bed.  We have a good supply of used ones as well.

We can get new openers and row cleaners as well, but we do not stock them.  They are rather expensive.

Used fertilizer double disc openers.................$200 per row​​
New fertilizer double disc openers..................$500 per row

Used row cleaner (used with dd openers).......$100 per row
New row cleaner (used with dd openers)​​​​​........$350 per row ​​​​

used openers
used opener with row cleaner
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