Tru-vee discs​ and Dual guage wheels and Adjustable press wheels - True-vee discs opens the slot for the seed. Two discs are positioned in a V formation to create a seed trench as they roll through the field. John Deere introduced this in the late 70's on their planters. It is the same concept used today on most makes of planters. Dual guage wheels (one wheel on each side of truvee discs) are positioned next to seed opener discs , not a single wheel positioned behind. This provides for a smoother ride and more accurate seed placement. It's very important for even stands and emergence. Seed depth is controlled by the adjustable T-handle. Press wheels firms soil over seed. Wheels crumble the side walls of the seed trench created by the truvee openers. Down pressure is adjusted by pulling the handle rearward in the notches on the assembly
Seed boxes and Heavy duty springs Seed boxes are a large 1.6 bushel in size. They are a durable poly box. Boxes are latched on and easily removed for changing seed meters. Takes about a minute per box to change meters. Heavy duty springs provide down pressure of the row unit. These are needed to keep the unit at a consistent depth, especially in notill soils. Four adjustable springs are included as standard equipment.
Precision Planting corn finger meters are used for corn. They are the best corn finger meter on the market. Other meters can be installed for various other seeds
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.Parts. Row Pro planters are high quality planters and will last a long, long time without replacing any parts. A two row planter will get over 1000 plus acres before needing any wearing parts replaced, even in notill conditions. But when the time comes, there is one important feature that sets Row Pro apart from other planters. All wearing parts of a Row Pro planter are interchangeable with the John Deere models 7000's planters. These models have been around a long time and are the most popular farm commercial planter made. Therefore, most parts will be stocked at your local JD ag store. If they are not stocked, they can usually get them the next day. We will also have all parts available if needed.
We are very excited about the new Drivemission system. The Drivemission turns (or drives) the seed meters and also regulates the seed population (or spacing). This is a new drive and transmission system built exclusively for Ksfarms. All wheel drive planters built by Ksfarms will include the new system. It will set our planters apart from the competition.

The planter transmission is built between the arms of the drive wheel. It makes for a very neat and compact drive. No extra bar space needed for transmission. ​​Unlike the older styles, this will free up the end of the bar so that markers or bar extensions can be added.

​​​Sprockets can be changed without any tools. Loosen chain tension by hand and slide the correct sprocket in place. A population chart will be included to choose which sprockets are needed for a certain seed population.

guage wheel
true-vee opener
press wheels
Standard Features
Tool bars and extensions  Tool bars on our planters are built from heavy 7"x7" square tube.  We weld on the three point mount brackets on our RowPro planters.   We also weld heavy 1/2" plates to the end of our bars. We can then bolt on markers or add bar extensions onto our bars. It can be done now or at a later date if you decide you want markers or want to make your two row planter into a three or four row.